Shoreview North Oaks Animal Hospital CoVid-19 Updates

Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Greetings Clients and Patients of Shoreview North Oaks Animal Hospital,

May 5, 2020, Governor Walz signed into policy that veterinary clinics (as well as human healthcare and dentistry) will be allowed to proceed with elective surgeries to include spays and neuters. We are also able to resume elective dental cleaning procedures.   Due to the temporary ban, we have maintained a list of our clients who have requested these services, and we are beginning the process of calling to schedule the appointments. If you would like to request an appointment, please call 651-255-0071 or email


At Shoreview North Oaks Animal Hospital, we strive to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our staff, our patients, and our clients. We are continuing to see well-patients for their preventative care, as well as sick patients. 


During this COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking the following measures to help protect our staff and our clients: 

  • We will continue with curbside service until further notice. For our curbside procedure details click here

  • We ask that if you are sick (with COVID like symptoms) to please have someone else bring your pet in for their appointment. 

  • Our staff are closely monitoring their own health and will not come to work if feeling feverish or displaying respiratory symptoms. 

  • Our staff will wear masks when interacting with you, and we would appreciate it if you wore a mask as well. 

  • We wash and sanitize our hands before and after each patient.

  • We use our own leashes (which are washed daily) when we are able to.


We thank you for your support and understanding during these unprecedented times. I hope you trust that behind our closed doors we treat your pets like our own loved ones -- with gentle hands and kindness throughout their visit. 


Your SNOAH Care-Team

Thursday, March 19, 2020


Greetings Clients and Patients of Shoreview North Oaks Animal Hospital,

With the evolving nature of COVID-19, we are constantly evaluating our protocols and trying to come up with the best approach to pet health care. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this uncertain time. 


Because many preventative care needs in pets are for potentially life-threatening illness (Heartworm disease), and to prevent human illness (Rabies vaccination, fecal parasite screening), we have decided we should still be performing these services during this time. 


To protect our staff and clients, all appointments will be conducted by car-side only - no clients will be allowed in the hospital.  Our staff will also be following the MN Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control guidelines and will not be allowed to work if they experience any signs or illness or have traveled in the past two weeks. We will be trying to maintain adequate "social distancing" during our car-side interactions. (PLEASE SEE UPDATE #1 BELOW FOR CAR-SIDE PROTOCOLS)


Per the MN Board of Veterinary Medicine we must examine an animal within 12 months to prescribe any medications. This includes preventative care products such as heartworm and flea/tick prevention. 


We follow Companion Animal Parasite Council and the American Heartworm Society guidelines and recommend year-round heartworm prevention for all dogs and annual heartworm testing.  


Minnesota is seeing an increased number of heartworm positive dogs due to changes in climate, maintenance of the parasite in coyotes and foxes, and from dogs coming up from southern states with rescues. 


When canine patients are only on seasonal heartworm prevention we need to perform an exam and heartworm test prior to administering heartworm prevention.  If heartworm prevention is only given April through October we could be missing a period of exposure. If a patient is heartworm positive, giving heartworm preventative can be dangerous. Heartworm prevention only kills the immature worms that are injected by a mosquito. If we administer heartworm prevention in a heartworm positive dog, there is a risk of intense immune reaction (anaphylaxis) as a large number of immature heartworms die. The heartworm prevention is not meant to treat adult heartworms. Heartworm prevention works backward by killing any “baby” heartworms the patient was exposed to in the previous 30 days. 


We are sorry for any confusion and appreciate your understanding during this constantly changing state of National Emergency.


Dr. Emilee and your SNOAH Care-Team

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 


Greetings Clients and Patients of Shoreview North Oaks Animal Hospital,

In this uncertain time due to the Corona Virus (COVID 19) we want you to know that we care about you and your pets. Safety of our doctors and staff, as well as clients, is our top priority.  In order to continue offering our services and to keep within the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) guidelines, we are making the following changes to our clinic visit protocol starting March 18th and lasting for as long as the recommendations are in place.  These steps are necessary to keep staff, doctors, animals, and clients safe, while continuing to provide patient care.  

We are asking you to postpone any well-patient appointments or elective procedures until it becomes clear that we are at low risk. We are also asking clients experiencing flu-like symptoms such as fever and cough, or those who have traveled by air or cruise, and those who have been exposed to anyone with flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days to please call and reschedule. If you are ill and your pet is ill, it may be possible to do a phone consult (telemedicine) with our doctors.



SNOAH will be implementing a car-side service protocol to minimize the exposure between humans in our hospital. Staff will be meeting clients in the parking area and clients will not be permitted to enter our premises except for urgent end of life care situations. 

Doctor Visits:

  1. Clients will park on the east side of the building and call the office (651-255-0071) from their vehicle to notify the team of their arrival. Provide the make/model/color of your vehicle.

  2. The assistant or CVT will call to go over information about your pet’s health and the details of the appointment, then will walk out into the parking lot to collect the patient. 

  3. The patient and assistant will enter the building and meet the doctor in the examination room. 

  4. The doctor will do the examination and determine a treatment plan. 

  5. The doctor will call the client in the parking lot to discuss a recommended treatment plan and associated costs. At that point, the team may direct the client to stay in the parking lot, or leave for a short period. 

  6. The doctor will proceed with the treatment plan, per owner approval, in the same examination room. 

  7. Once diagnostics have been done, the doctor will call the client and explain next steps, medications, etc.  and transfer to staff for invoicing. A credit card number over the phone is preferred but we are able to collect cash or a check. 

  8. The patient will then be delivered back to the client in the parking lot.

  9. The assistant will return to the exam room and sterilize the room. 


Surgery Check-in and Check-outs

  1. The client will call like the above protocol with doctor visits. 

  2. The check-in technician will pick-up the animal, and will go over the procedure and then have the client sign the authorization paperwork. The staff will call after the procedure to schedule a discharge time. 

  3. When the discharge time arrives, the client will call the clinic and the front desk will take payment from the client over the phone. 

  4. The discharge tech or DVM will talk with the client about aftercare on the phone and then proceed with bringing the patient out. 


Tech Appointments

  1. The client will call like the above protocol with doctor visits. The front desk will clarify the reason for the visit and verify the health of the patient.

  2. The technician/assistant will go and collect the patient and proceed with the tech appointment. 

  3. The payment will be collected over the phone as above. 


Medication refills/Food pick ups

  1. Call ahead to be certain we have what your pet needs in stock and that the refill is approved. You may pay ahead of time over the phone if you like. Credit cards are preferred. 

  2. When you arrive, call the office and let us know you are here, and the make/model/color of your vehicle, and we will deliver the food or medication to you. 

Thank you for understanding and for your patience during these challenging times. We will continue to keep you updated as we learn more. 


Dr. Emilee Alms, Dr. Alyssa Caligaris and the Shoreview North Oaks Animal Hospital team